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Teaching Kids About Sex and Sexuality
Teaching Kids About Sex and Sexuality

AIR DATE: August 2, 2011

When do you teach kids about the birds and the bees?  Psychoanalyst Joyce McFadden says if your child is old enough to identify her earlobe, then "she's old enough to know what her vulva is."  When do you teach your kids about sex and sexuality?  And how much do you tell them?  How did your parents tell you about sex, menstruation, masturbation, and gender differences?  Or did you learn from school, church, or your friends?  And how does growing up in Las Vegas, with its sexualized attitude, affect how kids understand sex and sexuality?  Tell us your story.  Experts around the nation weigh in.
Joyce McFadden, psychoanalyst and author, Your Daughter's Bedroom: Insights for Raising Confident Women
Kurt Conklin, school health project coordinator, Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS)
Michael Basso, health scientist, public health advisor and author, The Underground Guide to Teenage Sexuality: An essential handbook for today’s teens and parents

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Thanks for the opportunity to engage with your listeners, Dave! Three resources that may assist parents further: 1 - On the SIECUS web site via the link you posted on the State of Nevada Page, the newsletter series "Families Are Talking"; 2 - books by author Robie Harris such as "It's Perfectly Normal"; and 3) The website for those interested in exploring more faith-based perspectives.
Kurt Conklin, MPH, MCHES (SIECUS)Jul 29, 2011 10:04:27 AM
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