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Nevada Redistricting and Debt Ceiling
Nevada Redistricting and Debt Ceiling

AIR DATE: August 9, 2011

The process of reapportioning Nevada's congressional and statehouse districts is coming closer to reality. State District Judge James Russell last week appointed three "special masters" to draft Nevada's new maps that will determine where the state's fourth congressional seat is located and whether Hispanics deserve a district that is majority Latino.

Meanwhile the debt debate in Washington came down to the wire and all but one of Nevada's congressional delegation voted in favor of the debt deal. Sen. Dean Heller was the only no vote. So why did he vote no on the bipartisan package? Review Journal Columnist, Steve Sebelius joins us to discuss special masters and Nevada's role in the debt deal.


Steve Sebelius, columnist, Las Vegas Review Journal
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    FYI the ampersand (&) in the title of this segment breaks iTunes, Podcaster and Windows XML parsing. Could you update it to be just a plain old "and" word
    David MuzoAug 19, 2011 16:26:05 PM
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