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Finding A Missing Person
Finding A Missing Person

AIR DATE: August 11, 2011

Frank Mahoney is a New York cop who moved to Las Vegas to retire.  Instead, he ended up kicking off a second career where he finds missing people.  Frank runs the nonprofit, Nevada Center for Missing Loved Ones.  He and his 100-plus volunteers help Metro search for missing people, from toddlers to senior citizens.  They worked 196 cases this year already.  Frank Mahoney tells us how they track down missing people, what happens when they find bones, and why so many missing people are seniors.
Frank Mahoney, Founder, Nevada Center for Missing Loved Ones

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i just moved to las vegas recently and have become a regular listener to this show - frank mahoney was definitely one of the most interesting interviews i've heard in a while! thanks for having thought-provoking guests and keep up the good work!
stephanieAug 9, 2011 11:13:31 AM
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