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Vintage Attic and its Place in History
Vintage Attic and its Place in History

AIR DATE: August 12, 2011

In July of 2010 an explosion in downtown Las Vegas changed the landscape of business for a number of store owners.  One of the most notable is the Vintage Attic, a store that has become internationally renowned for its flare and exotic lines.  But, with blame for the explosion still being shoved back and forth between NV Energy and Southwest Gas, some businesses like Vintage Attic are in trouble more than a year later.  We talk with the owner, Mayra Carbet.

Mayra Carbet, owner, Vintage Attic

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Ugh, what a nightmare Mayra has been going through. This segment sounded like something from "The Twilight Zone." I hope the Utilities get their act together and put things right ASAP. Neither have behaved is a fail manner in anyway. This is just another example of the Big Guys stepping on the Little Guys.
Sophie PenberthyAug 15, 2011 13:20:44 PM
I listened to this segment on my drive today [Mayra Carbet, Vintage Attic], and it really brought home to me the devastation the explosion caused. I barely remember it happening, and never visit the district, so was not really aware at how far it had come before the explosion, and how the effects were seen in Mayra on the verge of losing her business, after many others simply left. She's right. Vegas is not a cultural town, though it's a bit better than ten twenty years ago. Still, we lost part of an area that did give Vegas a hint of culture. It's sad. I wish her the best.
David DellAug 12, 2011 11:58:06 AM
Thank you, david for your concern and well wishes. I will continue to fight for my business and for the Arts district.
MAYRA POLITISAug 12, 2011 13:09:30 PM
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