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Education Series Pt 3: ELL Programs
Education Series Pt 3: ELL Programs

AIR DATE: August 15, 2011

Clark County School District is second only to Los Angeles in the number of English Language Learners.  Yet, the ELL program receives no funds from the state.  With so many students attending CCSD unable to speak or read or write in English, what is that doing to hold back the schools and hold back the potential of these and all students?
Norberta Anderson, PhD, CCSD English Language Learner Program
Mariam Benitez, Coordinator, CCSD ELLP
Gabrielle Uro, Mgr of ELL Policy and Research, Council of the Great City Schools
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    Yeah, they don't want to fund ELL, but they basically forbid teachers from holding these kids back. Yet our governor and his pals (you know, the kind who feed off the government but blab on about how bad government is) want to pay teachers according to student achievement. I hope that if they ever do, teachers can successfully sue and win better pay and working conditions. Ask why we have kids in tenth grade at fourth grade reading level. (etc.) Also, talk to more teachers. The "experts" are not in the classroom - which is one of the reasons education is the mess that it is. Studying and blabbing about something while sitting in an office or touring classrooms or running training programs is far different from actually teaching.
    artiAug 11, 2011 09:46:01 AM
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