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The Trekkie Experience
The Trekkie Experience

AIR DATE: August 17, 2011

Attention Star Trek fans!  If you didn't already have it on your calendar months ago, the Star Trek convention comes to Las Vegas this weekend.  We boldly go where we've never gone before and talk to hard-core fans, plus former employees of the Star Trek Experience.  The Star Trek convention runs Aug. 11-14 at the Rio.  Over 20,000 Trekkies are expected to attend.  Are you a Trekkie?  How did Star Trek change your life?

Michael Hartnett, former Borg, Star Trek Experience
April Hebert, former actor, Star Trek Experience
Vernon Wilmer, former Borg, Star Trek Experience
Francine Lebrato, Star Trek fan

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What a great program. If you are a fan of Star Trek, Great. If your not that's okay too. Anyone who has ever been to Star Trek The Experience at the Las Vegas Hilton was greeted with a bunch of Aliens who were there to interact with the patrons. And that is where the fun begins. It didn't matter if you didn't now who these character's were. All that mattered was the fun you'd have interacting with the Aliens or watching everyone else. The place had the greatest bar in the world and the more the alcohol flowed the more fun you'd have with the Aliens. If it were not for the Aliens and Bartender's, Star Trek the Experience would not have been the legendary place it has become. I hope that who ever is responsible for building "The Experience" I hope that they are considering building a new place. That place was the best fun I've ever had!
WillSep 16, 2011 04:54:15 AM
To find out more about Vernon's documentary, you can like his "Star trek: my experience" page on Facebook or go to his YouTube channel "vwvvwvvwv" You can also follow @CommanderTahryn on Twitter; she's the Andorian character featured in the YouTube video "Star Trek: the Re-Experience."
April HebertAug 13, 2011 08:47:16 AM
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