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The Hangover Effect
The Hangover Effect

AIR DATE: August 15, 2011

It was funny in the movie but it seems lots of tourists are trying to live out the experience of very drunken debauchery along Las Vegas Boulevard. Increased violence and numerous reports of unauthorized vendors and performers have complicated the situation for Metro and Clark County officials. Now they are looking for answers. Bans and tougher policing aren't the answer but what is?
Steve Sisolak, Clark County Commissioner
Allen Lichtenstein, American Civil Liberties Union of Nevada
George Knapp, KLAS Channel 8 I-Team

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just curious. what about getting homeland security involved with the strip hustlers? lots of nasty and evil stuff could be concealed underneath bulky costumes and in false bottom ice chests....
majorAug 13, 2011 20:28:29 PM
Blaming "buskers" for any of this problem is silly. Actual busking generally requires a real talent taking years of practice to even think of bring out to the public. Aggressive persons in shoddy costumes forcing themselves on the public and expecting a tip are nothing other than fancy dress panhandlers. Also, if it weren't for busking, there wouldn't be multiple Cirque shows filling every available hotel. Just ask Guy Laliberte. See: Busker @
GBAug 12, 2011 21:12:17 PM
why doesn't the Health dept get involved with the water vendors? I mean even busboys need a health card,right? okay, I buy water from an unlicensed water vendor on the strip, I become ill. The powers that be ALLOW (keyword) the illegal vendors to sell the contaminated water, knowing it's illegal...would a person have legal recourse against the state of nv? county? aclu? just curious...or should every unlicensed water vendor be forced to post a sign "buyer beware" Moreover, how does the law define personal space. "He (she) got in my face" is often used to defend a person in a battery or assault case. I mean if a handbiller snaps a card in front of my 10 year old daughters face and I feel intimidated or threatened why can't I charge said person with battery, or assault. Would I be in my right if i punched him/ answers needed please, I'm a legal luddite...just curious
tommieAug 12, 2011 10:56:02 AM
Yes Chris: Tourists and visitors to LV will always check their brains at baggage claim or the state line when coming to this city. And I support free enterprise, but legal enterprise, and cringe at the thought of nanny state tsctcs. But, to speak to the performers and costumed characters and peddlers: 1 - Cities like Chicago, Santa Monica actually PAY, license and bond the performers on their streets, that way what ever tips are made are ancillary as income to the performers. This will create some revenue through the business/ent licenses and background checks these are less likely to be people of ill repute. 2- is there any copyright infringment? 3- Involve ICE. This is not profiling. I know people think it is not necessary,or nice... but this agency needs to support Metro and Health dept and City and the Resorts. How many of the water sellers and smut peddlers or performers are not in the country legally... or even residents of the state? I had heard a converstation beteween a few of them a while back that they do this on the weekend coming in from LA and they target the large citywide conventions. Similar to the scam and theft rings that target the convention goers.
LisaAug 12, 2011 10:03:57 AM
The Strip is a dump. We can kiss any economic recovery goodbye if we're depending on this sordid street to save us. What happens when everyone runs out of unemployment benefits and you 100k+ broke, desperate, people hawking recycled bottled water.
greyAug 12, 2011 09:52:08 AM
I'm with Stan. The powers that be have created a bogeyman with their 'anything goes, what happens in Sin City, stays here' campaign and now they are surprised?!!! Those of us who live here know that the true agenda behind the marketing campaign is really "anything that makes money for Las Vegas big business, goes", but the perception among the tourists you are trying to attract is that there are no restrictions. This is the perception among my professional colleagues who roll their eyes at the mention of Las Vegas and would not even consider holding our professional society conference here because of the reputation. The proliferation of small-scale vendors on the strip is the natural expression of, gasp!, free enterprise, capitalism, individuals pursuing the American dream. Las Vegas is reaping what it keeps sowing. It's a simple matter of cause and effect. The incredulity of your guests about the situation is hard to swallow.
ChrisAug 12, 2011 09:30:22 AM
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