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The Case of Avram Nika
The Case of Avram Nika

AIR DATE: August 18, 2011

Nevada rarely carries out the death penalty but one man sitting on death row has some unusual advocates - his native country of Serbia. The country's government is asking a Nevada court to overturn the death penalty on the grounds that Nika was not given consular assistance under the Vienna Convention. The United States Supreme Court has refused to overturn capital punishment because consular officials were not brought in but this case has special circumstances that Nika spoke no English and came from an unusual ethnic group - the Roma.
Chris Blakesley, Prof, Boyd School of Law, UNLV

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I am so sick of this, if I had done this crime in his country they would never have given me any ap. has he has got. He spook english on Local TV and in front of me, because you are a gypsy and have been in the us for 5 years you dont speak or understand english.I'm tryin to keep my husband alive for the people , my name is tracy smith and i am ed smiths widow and was in court to here the things that went on today, what about the right s of my husband SGT EDWARD V SMITH serving in drsert storm and over 10 yrs of service and had just reuped in the guard. Serba should be ashamed of trying to get a cold blooded killer of in the us,shame on them being in court smiling with each other, it may be 16 yrs but the pain is so real today.I will contact everyone I can to keep my husband real he can not stand up as nika can and be seen we must keep him alive and i shall. thank you for your services.
Tracy SmithSep 23, 2011 00:54:05 AM
You are not alone Tracey, If I lived there I would be with you. They seem to forget that this animal killed a a person. Just remember that no matter what happens his destiny has all ready been sealed.
Chris LussierSep 23, 2011 20:12:11 PM
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