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Secrets and Wives
Secrets and Wives

AIR DATE: August 19, 2011

Reality shows and hit drama series have made polygamy a hot topic in recent years. Despite the official position of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, there are still renegade Mormons who practice plural marriage. Journalist and author Sanjiv Bhattacharya went in search of them and has written a book about the people he met.
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    Mr. Bhattacharya simply spouted the party line of the fundamentalist polygamists regarding the LDS Churchs supposed flip-flopping. In brief, here are the facts regarding the three supposed flip-flops so blithely uttered by your guest. 1) Polygamy has never been commanded of all people at all times by the LDS Church. 2) The LDS Church has never officially taught the Adam-God doctrine. 3) Brigham Young taught that Blacks would one day be given all the Priesthood, and LDS Church leaders have consistently agreed that the time would come when this restriction would be lifted.
    Ken PetersonAug 17, 2011 16:59:45 PM
    Then why wait until 1978 to induct Blacks into LDS preisthood?
    joeAug 18, 2011 09:45:50 AM
    Thank you again for a wonderful discussion. As a life long resident of Utah and a non-Mormon I did not know of this doctrine. Your program prompted me to "google" the Adam - God doctrine and Wikipedia had a detailed description. I suggest everyone to read this amazing tale taught by the original founders of the LDS faith. There is a broadway play about Mormons maybe a science fiction motion picture is next based on the Adam God doctrine.
    Kevin HooperAug 17, 2011 13:39:10 PM
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