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The Duke of Fremont Street
The Duke of Fremont Street

AIR DATE: August 23, 2011

Ron Wall, aka The Duke of Fremont Street, loves classic clothes and classic cars. And he's in the business of gambling. But he was almost killed in a meeting in a Primm hotel room. What went wrong? And how has it changed the man who has long been a professional gambler in the card rooms of Las Vegas.
Ron Wall aka "The Duke of Fremont Street"

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I had the pleasue of meeting and playing with Duke and the GoldenNugget in November, Yesturday at the tourney. He is a very polite and upstanding person and doesnt get upset at all!!! Who ever done this deserves to ROT IN PRISON!!! U dont meet upstanding polite people like DUKE anymore... Does ur rose squirt??? Lol Your pal, ryan Aka @Crustyscoops
Ryan GordonJan 20, 2013 19:39:28 PM
I've never met a man as sweet as The Duke...I remember when I first met him at the Golden Nugget and he knocked me out of the cash game...he returned some of my money, gave me his card and said, I look forward to playing with you again. I will never forget how sweet he was and we now have a awesome friendship!
Nikki MitchellSep 1, 2011 10:11:08 AM
He is an honest and professional businessman. Greedy people who did that atrocity to him should be in prison for life. "The Duke" is a gentleman, intellect, and respectful person. Genuine.
MimiAug 22, 2011 18:20:17 PM
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