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Fronteras: Finding the Money for Retirement
Fronteras: Finding the Money for Retirement

AIR DATE: September 2, 2011

With America in a recession, retirement has been changing.  Employees are staying in jobs longer at mediocre pay, in order to secure their pensions.  Retirees are also living longer, thanks to modern science - but that also means they meet more funds to get by.  So how is the pension crisis and the aging population changing how seniors look at their future?  How should they be planning for their golden years?  Fronteras: The Changing America Desk is investigating what retirees face today in a radio series.  We check in with two reporters and retirement experts.


Laurel Morales, reporter, Fronteras: The Changing Americas Desk and KNAU
Ruxandra Guidi, reporter, Fronteras: The Changing Americas Desk and KPBS
Kathy Kristof, Contributing Ed, Kiplinger's Personal Finance; Blogger, CBS MoneyWatch; author, Investing 101

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Regarding your listener comment about Social Security being withheld for teachers, that is called the Windfall Elimination Provision, which has been in effect since 1985, and affects public employees statewide in 14 states. Workers in those states have no choice about opting to pay into Social Security to collect at retirement. I know, because I have had to work an additional 12 years to offset those years I worked in one of those states, Texas.
Colleen GavinSep 1, 2011 09:57:28 AM
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