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Off the Street
Off the Street

AIR DATE: September 9, 2011

Metro Detective Chris Baughman has worked some of the toughest beats in Las Vegas. He was selected from the Gang Crimes Section to move to a new beat on the Vice Squad - the Pandering Investigative Team. The PIT was designed to put pimps out of action. Baughman has just published a memoir of his experience breaking up the prostitution rings in Las Vegas and we talk to him about that experience.

Chris Baughman, author, Off the Street: One Detective's Quest for Justice

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Greetings Det. Chris Baughman First I want to express my gratitude as a las vegas citizen & as a human being who appreciates the facts there is such a astounding individual on the force working the streets with the convictions you possess to give hope to the once hopeless. Today I was listening to a radio show you were a guest on and was very impressed to hear your story and was telling my wife as to your heart felt views... how much we (you & I) have in common meaning I feel & have the same perspectives. I work in the executive protection profession jobs protecting goods or persons above board, legal & morally non-compromising especially noting how easy it is to see the abyss. I also work in the film profession and ironically I just shot a short film on human trafficking focusing on las vegas which you can view ( inclosing I have a passion to further educate & bring awareness regarding these crimes against humanity and seems to make sense to promote your book in the process. Keep up the exceptional work & be safe, thank you Sid
Sid LiufauApr 3, 2012 22:24:49 PM
detective chris, you inspirer me to go far with my goals and believe in my dreams, thanks =]
vanessaSep 22, 2011 10:10:18 AM
I believe it was Margaret Mead who said, "Never doubt that a small group of people can change the world, indeed it's the only thing that ever has." OFF THE STREET is the story of a small group of people who are doing their job in a way that is changing the world. Listen to Chris' story and read the book... I believe it just might change your way of thinking. And perhaps compell you to take action. Thanks Chris, Al and Trey!
Julie AbarzuaSep 7, 2011 06:21:32 AM
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