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Sheriff Doug Gillespie on the Inquest Process
Sheriff Doug Gillespie on the Inquest Process

AIR DATE: September 12, 2011

Sheriff Doug Gillespie says we need to overhaul the coroner's inquest process.  He even wrote a guest column in the Las Vegas Sun last week, explaining why it needs more transparency.  But he's facing opposition from the Police Protective Association, and dealing with the effects of a lawsuit from that same police union.  So where does Sheriff Gillespie want to improve the inquest process?  How will this deter future shootings?  Do you have a question for Sheriff Gillespie on the inquest process?

Sheriff Doug Gillespie, LVMPD

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The Sheriff lost all credibility when he inferred that all of the pending inquests were dependent upon the case before the courts ~ and then back tracked when this was brought to light. Outside investigation is the only way to ensure that these (bad) officers quit killing innocent people and getting away with murder.
DonnaSep 8, 2011 10:18:03 AM
The jury did not decide whether Detective Yant told the truth. The jury is instructed to vote that ANY shooting is justified if the officer "feared for his life". Det. Yant made it clear that he is always feels fear when he goes on one of these missions. That alone requires the "jury" to rule that the killing was justified.
Ed UehlingSep 8, 2011 09:40:02 AM
The Sheriff is letting his police create a problem and using that problem to destroy something that the representatives of the people of Clark County has establish. The 5th Amendment is intended to protect citizens against overreaching government functionaries. It was not designed to protect these functionaries against legitimate concerns. It seems questionable that a government employee can invoke the 5th amendment and remain an employee.
ed uehlingSep 8, 2011 09:24:58 AM
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