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Celebrating Constitution Day
Celebrating Constitution Day

AIR DATE: September 15, 2011

The Conservative Alliance for Community Growth is organizing a celebration of the United States Constitution this Saturday on the Cheyenne Campus of the College of Southern Nevada. Speakers include Nevada Chief Justice Michael Douglas and State Sen. Elizabeth Halseth. So what does the Constitution tell us about how to run the government? How much money to spend? What kind of government we should have?
Ron Futrell, Journalist,
David Tanenhaus, Prof, Dept of History and Boyd School of Law, UNLV

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It just amazes me sometime your scheduling of guests. First you have a segment which targets Shelley Berkley. And then, you have a segment with Ron Futrell, a failed television personality. To have Ron Futrell spueing his conservative views with only one other individual attempting to give a balanced point of view and no one else on the left is BS. Futrell targets the president as to his "lack of knowledge" of the consitution not being sure of what the president exactly is talking about. He failed to mention the right wing lugnuts i.e. Perry and the Michell Bachmans' notable quotes and their lack of knowledge of the constitution.
Will SchroederSep 12, 2011 09:57:23 AM
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