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Annie Duke on strategy and the life of a professional poker player
Annie Duke on strategy and the life of a professional poker player

AIR DATE: September 14, 2011

Annie Duke is one of the most notable names in the game of poker. A veteran of the game, Duke thought it was time to separate the pros from the thousands of amateurs flooding big time poker tournaments like the World Series of Poker. To do that she formed the Epic Poker League for pros to compete in. The league she hopes will create a system where players have to prove their worth before being able to compete. Duke has also written a strategy guide for players. Annie Duke joins us to talk about her league, her book, and what it's like playing against chauvinists who think they have her figured out because she's a woman.

Annie Duke, Pro poker player and author

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    I first saw her on TV last week on Craig Ferguson. While I am dismayed by the rise of pro poker, she seems to be an excellent role model and hopefully some of these people flocking to poker will learn more math because of her. Loved the a + b + c =17 and "Know Your Chauvinist" bits. I trust she enjoyed winning those more!
    aunty palinSep 12, 2011 10:30:36 AM
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