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Hiking Las Vegas
Hiking Las Vegas

AIR DATE: September 27, 2011

The mountains and the desert surrounding Las Vegas are very attractive but they can also be harsh and even dangerous. So if you've been thinking about getting your hiking boots and sunscreen on to take a long nature walk, join us to hear Branch Whitney talk about the new edition of his book Hiking Las Vegas.
Branch Whitney, author
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    I just wanted to remind people, about taking back with you everything you bring with you, and take care about leaving the desert free of debris, plastic, or other litter. There is no one to maintain the desert, and if you see bottles, if you can carry them out. Another tip, bring and additional frozen gallon of water and leave it in the car, so you can feel comfortable about drinking as much water as you need, and you know you have more when you get back to the car. One of my favorite places is Buffington Pockets.
    elaine Sep 23, 2011 10:53:34 AM
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