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Who is Nevada's Tea Party
Who is Nevada's Tea Party

AIR DATE: December 28, 2011

A recent New York Times/CBS News poll shows that forty percent of Americans do not have a favorable view of the Tea Party.  In a recent GOP primary debate sponsored by the Tea Party,  there were contraversial comments that came from the audience about allowing a sick person to die.   What does the Tea Party really stand for?  And is it a cohesive national movement or a large group of factions with different points of view on government?  We talk with National Tea Party leaders as well as Nevada Tea Party leaders to get a better picture of what the Tea Party truly represents.
Karen Steelmon
Dawn Wildman
Rick Crain, Tea Party Patriots from San Diego

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I wonder why KNPR continues to give these people a platform. It's like having a white supremacist address a NAACP meeting. The Tea Party already has a network, Fox. So why continue to give people who are the most likely to slash your public funding an additional soapbox on which to deliver their message? Or was all that sturm und drang this summer regarding cuts in Congressional funding just a disingenuous ploy to get more donations?
VoterOct 3, 2011 19:15:00 PM
First of all, if you are going to ask for callers, take the phone calls. I see the Tea Party as a bunch of white conservative Republicans who first of all 1) Do not take responsibilty for their actions in voting G Bush into office who created much of the budget deficit. 2) who are partisian in that they will not cooperate 3) individuals who do not represent "we, the people" but only their limited self interest and generally with a lack of knowledge in world affairs.
Will SchroederSep 30, 2011 10:06:45 AM
I find the Tea Party members to be disingenuous at best when it comes to words like "we the people" and "fiscal resposibility". How can a group whose demographic is largely white christian conservative say they are "we the people". A black man "can" go to a rally for the KKK but he not going to. For example where is the CNN Tea Party DEMOCRATIC debate??? And as far as fiscal responsibility is concerned, anyone who can do basic math can tell that we need both increased revenue as well as cuts to government wasteful spending to get out this financial crisis. Yet every tea party person I hear can't seem to understand that you can just cut your way out of this crisis. They seem to be literally ALLERGIC to the word "Tax".
MikeSep 30, 2011 09:59:52 AM
They Also seem to have missed the point of the Boston Yea Party... The colonists knew taxes are necessary, and were protesting a lack of legislative representation. You cannot gave a federal system of infrastructure (highways and bridged) or protections (military and civil rights) without a budget. Taxes are an investment in those services. Governments are created to build and maintain the common good. If those institutions are not needed, we can do away with federal govt all together. So, I guess a true tea party candidate's first action upon election should be to dissolve the govt and his own presidency. Stramf how this conservative revolution has similarities in the theory behind the long history of failed liberal (communist) revolutions. I guess both ecxtreems sound alike,because what American really needs is moderation. Like you said, tax a little and cur a little and everybody play nice.
SaraSep 30, 2011 10:19:10 AM
IMHO it is unfortunate that the Tea Party was portrayed as strongly supporting Sarah Palin. I definitely agree that government spending must be controlled better.
aunty palinSep 30, 2011 09:59:52 AM
I am a registered Republican and a fiscal conservative. Govt should be run like a household. Pay your bills on time. What does the Tea Party feel about reducing the DOD budget? There is plenty of fat to cut there. Just ask the recently retired Secy of Defense. I know Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security need to be completely revamped. But how?
john bialeckiSep 30, 2011 09:59:30 AM
i am curious to know where was the Tea Party during previous administrations like during the presidency of Reagan, Bush, Clinton, etc. We have had tons of White presidents and the Tea party never existed. Why is it that when we get our very first African American president the Tea Party has become active. Also I have heard members of the Tea Party say "We need to take America back!!" Who are you taking America back from, is Obama not an American. Such words and actions of the Tea Party make them seem very racist in the African American community; this is why they have very little support among African Americans.
VinceSep 30, 2011 09:54:46 AM
Exactly!!! Every self-professed tea party participant I have ever spoken to has made personal artacks on the president. Notice the guests never answered the question about why the tea party's demographics are NOT representative if the country. Anyone can claim to represent "we the people," but the fact is the TP demographics are white and male. Simply look at Nevada's tea party darlings (e.g. Sharon Angle) to see the kind of ignorant intolerance springing from this Fox News driven movement. You are nit "grass roots" when you come out of a major media empire!
SaraSep 30, 2011 10:08:04 AM
I am curious to know how each of the guests' organizations find commonality between conservatives with a religious bent towards pro-life, anti-pornography, anti-prostitution, against gay marriage, for prayer in schools, and that are against the legalization of marijuana, etc. and the conservatives from a libertarian point of view that are much more laisse-faire on these issues?
JustinSep 30, 2011 09:41:32 AM
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