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Nevada's Attorney General Goes After the Banks
Nevada's Attorney General Goes After the Banks

AIR DATE: October 4, 2011

Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto is going after the banks.  The AG's office has targeted Bank of America.  Cortez Masto says she wants to go after the 2009 settlement with Bank of America over loan abuses involving its Countrywide Financial Corp.  We talk with Nevada's AG about the issue.
Catherine Cortez Masto, Attorney General, State of NV

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'Making Home Affordable' program ran/runs a cycle of deception identical to what Masto is attributing to B of A. Homeowners CONTACTED BY Citi were "helped" to apply for the program, and when they qualified, were then denied the modifications, INEXPLICABLY, while Citi took mod pmts. AND began preparing said homes for Court House Steps. If a homeowner protested loudly enough, Citi'd back peddle and begin the process again. This ran in 3 month cycles, lather, rinse, repeat, until they often exhausted the homeowners into giving up and walking away.In my case the nightmare ran for 13 months before I finally went to the RJ, the L A. Times, Jerry Brown's (pre-governor) office, Fannie Mae's offices, & copied Citi on my efforts. Citi finally gave me the modification, but not before tacking an additional and Illegal $29K to the 'back end" of my loan. My newest neighbors are now buying my model of home for $135K, while my mortgage is now $271K. Masto needs to SEEK OUT her "Making Home Affordable" victim/constituents. She'll find thousands of instances of outright theft of homes, all done under the auspices of a $75 Billion govt. program that paid and licensed banks to steal Americans' Homes.
Leslie Sep 29, 2011 10:27:45 AM
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