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Domestic Violence and Men Murdering Women
Domestic Violence and Men Murdering Women

AIR DATE: October 6, 2011

Nevada topped another list, and it wasn't a good one.  The state ranked #1 in murders of men killing women.  According to a study by the Violence Policy Center, we've topped the list 4 out of 5 years.  So why is Nevada's murder rate of men killing women so high?  And how much of it stems from domestic violence, or from our city's culture of promoting sex and objectification?  We want to hear from you: do you think women are more at risk of violence in Nevada?  Do you think male-on-female violence are random acts, or related to domestic violence?  Have you been a victim of domestic violence?  How can we curtail the problem?

Marlene Richter, Exec Dir, The Shade Tree
Gabrielle Amato, co-founder, SlutWalk (Las Vegas)
Brooke Wagner, graduate student, Dept of Sociology, UNLV
Kristen Rand, Leg Dir, Violence Policy Center
Jill, domestic abuse victim

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I have been a victim of domestic violence I live in nevada he had followed me to the shelter I forgot to lock the door he walked right on in I told him leave he then started punching me full force he knocked out two teeth on top made two loose no way of saving the loose ones so they got pulled and a tooth went threw my lip I had stitches on inside and outside my lip this all just happened April of 2012 I am divorcing him he got two to five yrs in prison I am with great guy know I moved on
AmyMar 9, 2013 09:34:51 AM
I lived at the Shade Tree Women's Shelter for 3 months and THEY abuse the women. There is a DEEP misunderstanding in society about abused women. I received my help from SAFE HOUSE and HOPELINK. I didn't here from them on your program. Shade Tree is NOT a place for an abused woman, especially a woman with children to go to. I have the photo's to prove it if your interested.
LigeiaOct 5, 2011 21:27:43 PM
Ligeia makes an excellent point about resources in our community. One agency may not be what someone is looking for but there are several working together to provide solutions through shelter, counseling, rental assistance, and food pantries. The most important message is that the homicide rate of women killed by men can be reduced by calling for help and leaving a violent home.
Marlene RichterOct 6, 2011 08:44:56 AM
Good morning every body, I was a victim of domestic violence and I was about to loose my life. Almost a month ago I took the straight to call the police for the first time... I can relate with the lady from earlier, in the beginning of our relationship everything was very nice, it felt that I had met the best man ever. Everything change when we moved from ID to NV, a month after we moved he cheated on me with one of his coworkers and and I found out... That was the braking point, he started being verbally abusive, I looked for help immediately and I started taking therapy in Safe House, it went escalating little by little until he started strangling me and two months ago I was about to loose my life it came to the point that I was loosing conscious, still until the point I didn't put a police report... I used to become a vegetable like every time he would put his hands on me and I would block the part of my memory and try to pretend that it didn't happen, some of my friends knew, but I was sooooo embarrass to talk about my situation. I was living with the mask that my marriage was fine or just avoid the conversation. I have a 14 year old daughter and he was helping me fix my legl
MayraOct 5, 2011 11:07:52 AM
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