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Macau - the New Gambling Capital
Macau - the New Gambling Capital

AIR DATE: October 7, 2011

A long-time Portuguese colony was being reformed and the Beijing government wanted to reform the city's main industry - gambling. It brought in a new administration and created tougher gaming regulation to ensure that new capital and expertise could be invested. Major Las Vegas companies rushed to Macau but rumors persist that the special administrative territory is still dominated by organized crime and the Ho family still controls a significant share of the market. So what is the future of Macau. Is it the new giant that will eat the Las Vegas gaming industry?

I. Nelson Rose, Prof of Law, Whittier College and gaming industry consultant
Richard Velotta, gaming and tourism reporter, Vegas Inc.
Steve Friess, freelance journalist

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I think China will do what they want to do when ever and how ever they want. It is fine the US is investing overseas but no investment in the US will weaking the the defense of the US. Our government and companies here have given up on the US People.
D JohnsonOct 6, 2011 10:08:45 AM
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