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Personal Historians: Uncovering Our Family Stories
Personal Historians: Uncovering Our Family Stories

AIR DATE: October 12, 2011

Mike Thompson didn't know what to expect when a young woman from Belgium called him.  She told him their families were intertwined years ago during WWII, and that his grandfather had saved her family.  Then, she told Mike a story that no one else in his family knew.  What hidden stories do our families have?  How do we uncover them?  And how enriching (or painful) is that process of interviewing your loved ones and uncovering the past?  Las Vegas locals and Nikki Silva of the Kitchen Sisters talk about what inspired them to dig into the past, and the surprises they found. 
The Association of Personal Historians holds its annual conference on Oct. 16-20 at Harrah's Hotel and Casino.
Barbara Tabach, Program Chair, Association of Personal Historians; founder,
Nikki Silva, radio documentarian, The Kitchen Sisters
Dr. Mike Thompson
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    Mike, That was an excellent interview. So glad you remind people that they probably don't know their family members as well as they think they do. I hope they DO sit down with their parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles, and find those surprises in their life stories. When you don't have your hands full doing radio interviews, do consider becoming a personal historian. Here's our website: and here are answers to some frequently asked questions: Thanks for doing a really interesting interview. Pat McNees President, Association of Personal Historians
    Pat McNeesOct 24, 2011 09:57:16 AM
    I teach memoir-writing classes for seniors through University of Nevada Cooperative Extension, and the experiences I've had with their stories are amazing. Some of those stories are recorded on the website, Four-week classes are free and held across the Las Vegas Valley.
    Jean NormanOct 13, 2011 10:44:23 AM
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