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The 99ers Come to Las Vegas
The 99ers Come to Las Vegas

AIR DATE: October 13, 2011

It started with a call online for people to protest Wall Street and the growing divide between the rich and the middle class.  The first protests were small and got little attention.  Now, the movement call occupy Wall Street is becoming a force all across the country.  It spawned another online movement know as "We are the 99-Percent."  With marches in Minneapolis, Chicago, Los Angeles and numerous other cities whatever you want to call this, it's gaining steam.  There are people in Las Vegas organizing and planning a march on the Strip this week.
Sebring Frehner, student organizer
Professor Michael Kavin, author of "American Dreamers: How the Left Changed a Nation" and professor of history at Georgetown University

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When the administration suggested that we taxpayers needed to bail out the very institutions that brought this crippling downturn on to us due to thier greed and covert manipulations I could not believe they were not going to take these institutions to task and hold them responsible. Now I know there are many who believe as I do.
Dan CooperOct 7, 2011 22:20:17 PM
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