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Friendly Fallout 1953: Stories Behind the Bomb
Friendly Fallout 1953: Stories Behind the Bomb

AIR DATE: October 26, 2011

Nevada's history is steeped in the nuclear tests that exploded across the desert in the 1950s.  Nevada author Ann Ronald imagines what life must have been like for the scientists, military, ranchers, and other locals in her book, Friendly Fallout 1953.  This fictional account of our state's nuclear age is this year's book for Nevada Reads, the first statewide community group read.  Join us as we explore Ann's imaginary world where the Cold War, science, and patriotism collide.
Ann Ronald, Foundation Prof Emerita of English, UNR; and author

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Ann Ronald's choice to write this book as a work of fiction gives her a chance to update and bring the stories that she is presenting into a modern perspective. I attended Ann's presentation of her book at the Atomic Testing Museum on Thurs, 10-20-11, and afterward I talked briefly to her about her book. I strongly suggested that she make this novel a trilogy, to revisit the lives and situations of her characters after 10 or 20 years and follow-thru the impacts of their lives in 1953, after time, society and political pressures have taken their tolls...or better yet, to set the second book sometime after the major declassification of some government documents in the mid-late 70's (which helped to unlock the Downwinders point of view, and was far enough from the tests, time-wise, to see the patterns emerge of the body counts--both in the US West and Internationally); and the third book could be set after the international test-ban treaty was passed in the mid-90's (in a completely different political and scientific world, one which is much more accessible to those who did not live through the time period of the Up-Shot Knot-Hole series).
Patty DominguezOct 25, 2011 11:46:40 AM
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