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Occupy Las Vegas Finds a Home
Occupy Las Vegas Finds a Home

AIR DATE: October 27, 2011

The organizers of Occupy Las Vegas have found a place to call home - at least temporarily.  The Clark County Commission voted to allow the group an area to gather.  The protestors will camp in a lot on the corner of Tropicana Avenue and Paradise Road.  They are calling this vacant lot their Zuccotti Park, the place where New York protestors have camped out during the Occupy Wall Street events.
In a city that leads the nation in unemployment and home foreclosures, Occupy Las Vegas should have thousands of members.  Has Occupy Las Vegas taken off. Is it still on the runway?  Does having a 2-acre vacant lot give the movement legitimacy? And what will these protesters be able accomplish, so far from the Strip?
Jennifer Reed, Occupy Las Vegas protestor
Joe Schoenmann, Las Vegas Sun
James P Reza, columnist, Vegas Seven

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Luis Hernandez 1) It seem you have done ZERO in person research 2) It is VERY OBVIOUS you prefer to confirm your biases rather than keep and open mind and maintain unbiased perspectives. Your interruptions to inject/prove your bias is only one example. 3) You seem very uneducated and naive about the history of change movements, yet you seem to have a cemented perception you wish to project. 4) I suggest you a) do proper reporting by showing up in person b) open your mind to multiple perception c) educate yourself about the history of change movements
JD MummaOct 27, 2011 16:10:47 PM
I do think Luis was harsh with his questioning, BUT it was necessary and helpful. Many people are skeptical of this movement. The mixture of the his difficult questions and the activists' brilliant responses really show the depth of the movement.
JessicaOct 27, 2011 17:04:35 PM
I am involved with occupy san francisco and I can tell you that this movement is not going away anytime soon. The genius behind the movement is that there is no one agenda. there are thousands of agendas as it encompasses the 99% of americans that are on borrowed time. My suggestions to LV is to make sure you give each group a say and that you dont let the powers to be devide you. good luck
bob allenOct 27, 2011 16:06:08 PM
I found myself getting rather annoyed with the host Luis Hernandez. He reminded me of when Terry Gross or Katie Couric talk about gun control and their voices get all shrill. Mr. Hernandez sounded (to me)like he was projecting personal opinion/feelings in this segment - aka I think your movement is silly/impractical - convince me otherwise. This movement has been around for what - like a month? Five weeks? Yet it's already spawned parallel movements all over the world. I will agree that their message has been a bit disjoint but given the building momentum, I can't help but think it will gain both focus and size. Isn't it also true that the US mainstream press has been slow to grasp the potential of the movement. The anger expressed so far is just the tip of the iceberg - isn't it obvious to most that it will be years until economic stability is regained. The anger will be increasing! I guess today we can't accuse K/NPR of being leftist.
aunty palinOct 26, 2011 20:59:43 PM
I have more to say! I can't be at the protest every day as it"s an economic problem. We have one vehicle now between us and we can't afford the gas costs. However we did march on Fremont St. My husband feels strongly about issues but will never "demonstrate" ,even the protest I organized against Yucca MT in front of the Venetian in 2002. BUT, he did go to Frenomt St. with me and we carried a sign saying "They Took OUR HOUSE..." I tried to get a modification and was willing to pay the $180,000 we owed but they wouldn"t do it - BUT 20 moinutes after they auctioned it off they sold it for $67,500! Why wouldn"t they give us a principal reduction? Isn't that a question for the ages? Thanks for listening! I hope more people here in LV support the OWS protest. I would if I could. My heart and prayers are there!
Peggy Maze JohnsonOct 26, 2011 10:18:42 AM
I have had the amazing oportunity to "talk" on SON about Yucca MT! I totally support the OWS in LV. We lost our house, I am now unemployed and my husband"s unemployment runs out in about 6 wks. We have sent out hundreds of resumes for each of us and NOTHING! We need to get the attention of our electeds at the state AND federal levels. I generally agree about a message but totally understand EVERY ISSUE. We, the people speak and THEY don"t listen! They are too busy raising MONEY for their reelection. Isn't the main issue? MONEY? THEY have it and we don"t! Absolutely time to go to the STREETS! Maybe this is Class Warfare _ We stopped Vietnam in the Streets Maybe we can win this War there, as well.
Peggy Maze JohnsonOct 26, 2011 10:09:32 AM
Briefly, there has been a OWS declaration posted online, that describes the purpose of the movement. I don't think the movement will become singular in nature because of the different needs state to state. We should recognize that capitalism appears to be on steroids, we should agree that banks/investment banks etc have been given a pass; while a large amount of americans have lost there homes, to the same banks. Banks have also in some cases not negotiated in good faith, or have been non responsve to the needs of americans trying to save their homes. I think unemployment and housing were the triggers for the movement, however there are plenty social issues that could be, included. I am employed and support the movement; but I would ask some of your guest to change places with some of those affected, have a little empathy!!
roderickOct 26, 2011 09:43:14 AM
The Occupy Vegas demonstration has shed light on the issue but I am skeptical change will occur anytime soon. It is a start but it will take more time to trigger change. On the other hand, our community can use this type of organized demonstration to affect change where full awareness already exists. For instance... Many citizens feel it is time to walk the talk regarding School District change. A collective voice and zero tolerance for being ignored can affect change. If citizens in foreign countries can give up their lives to overthrow governments, there is no reason we cannot force change in our schools.
NancyOct 26, 2011 09:31:26 AM
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