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Will the IHOP Shooting Change Our Gun Laws
Will the IHOP Shooting Change Our Gun Laws

AIR DATE: October 31, 2011

Eduardo Sencion was mentally ill when he walked into a Carson City IHOP with an illegally modified AK-47-style gun and opened fire.  Now his actions might change our gun laws.  Nevada legislators and some law enforcement officials are calling for a review of the state's gun laws.  But others say changes would infringe our Second Amendment right to bear arms by limiting access to weapons.  We talk to a local lawmaker who's considering changes, and the head of the state's firearms coalition, about both sides of the issue.  What do you think?  Should civilians be able to have assault weapons?  Share your comments.

William Horne, Nevada State Assemblyman, Majority Whip, Dist 34
Don Turner, Pres, Nevada Firearms Coalition

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It would seem that Nevada already has suitable laws governing the possession of various types of firearms. Creating new laws only puts more of a workload on undermanned, overworked Law Enforcement Agencies and further cloggs our Court System. We can't enforce the laws we currently have. The IHoP Shooter had an illegal weapon. He obtained it in an illegal manner. Furthermore his actions were illegal. Laws didn't stop him. Legislation isn't the right tool to use here. Education is the right tool to use. Instead of spending money to create more useless laws that only law abiding persons obey, why not use that money to educate people about nut jobs like the IHoP Shooter. Law Enforcement Personnel receive this education, in training called "Active Shooter". Why not give active shooter training to students as well. Start with kids. Kids soak up knowledge like sponges. Make a compter game out of it. Teach them what to do when they see someone like that. Teach them to defend themselves.
Tim TookerNov 15, 2011 11:08:15 AM
In light of the IHOP incident it would seem that having a discussion about current gun laws is an idea to which no reasonable person could object. However, when you consider the source of the idea, Assemblyman Horne, it loses credibility as a legitimate concern issue for the protection of citizens and leans more toward politician-speak for Mr. Hornes ideology. We have a state legislature which serves as the perfect setting for discussions of this type. Citizens elect representatives to the legislature and keep them posted on ideas they would like to see discussed there and resolved through the legislative process. Although he was interrupted by the moderator, Mr. Turner correctly stated that an attempt to introduce popular firearm bills in the last legislature were effectively muzzled by the committee chairman and never allowed a vote. What he did not say was that the committee chairman was Assemblyman William Horne. I would encourage voters in District 34 to discuss with Assemblyman Horne his demonstrated capacity to stifle discussion of pro-firearm legislation while being open to measures that could limit our rights, our freedom and our ability to protect ourselves.
Mike TaylorNov 7, 2011 21:07:50 PM
Assemblyman Horne replied to an email from me that he has not asked any committee to look into rewriting any gun laws over the IHOP ordeal. But two days later it is all over the news! So you tell me who'S 'RIGHT"?????
Elynda LongNov 6, 2011 17:16:37 PM
It is funny and I don't mean funny in a laughing way I mean in a pecular way what some politicians will do to get votes. They seem to jump on any band wagon that will make it look as if they care, this guy Horne is just looking for a way to use this issue to make it look like he wants the best for us. We, most of the people of Nevada know he really couldn't care less. Make it illegal to use pencils they write bad words.
Neil DilleOct 31, 2011 11:01:27 AM
So if this idiot ran in there with a bat and smashed a few skulls, would lawmakers enact laws about bats? When people DUI and kill an innocent bystander or someone walking on the sidewalk or in a crosswalk, do the politicians rush to make laws to ban cars? I haven't seen that yet either. Firearms are a tool for hunters, recreational shooters, and self defense. If people use them in the wrong way, punish those people, the ones NOT following the laws. If they are willing to murder, I doubt they are willing to follow whatever gun laws are enacted, so it wouldn't do any good at all. Take away guns, criminals will use knives. Take away knives, they will use rocks. It will never end! People set on doing something bad will find a way to get it done. Don't take away the rest of our means to defend ourselves against these morons.
David FamigliettiOct 27, 2011 22:00:01 PM
While listening to today's excellent topic about gun laws in Nevada, I realized with interest why they call gun collectors, "Gun Nuts."
Norma PriceOct 27, 2011 10:11:25 AM
I haven't followed this tragedy very closely but if the shooter used "an illegally modified AK-47-style gun" then how will new / additional guns change things when it is already against the law. Sorry KNPR I love you guys but you're making the same old ignorant anti-gun canards - I expect more from you. Please understand the difference between a semi-auto and full auto before you make biased pronouncements. And either it was an AK or not - does one call a Ford F-150 pickup truck "a Ford F-150-style pickup"?
aunty palinOct 27, 2011 09:45:19 AM
That should have said "how will new / additional gun LAWS change things" - oops. Also, there's a reason why the politicians are treading lightly on enacting new gun laws - honest law abiding gun owners are sick and tired of being lumped in with the loonies.
aunty palinOct 27, 2011 09:48:35 AM
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