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Martin Espada: Activist, Lawyer and Poet
Martin Espada: Activist, Lawyer and Poet

AIR DATE: November 14, 2011

Martín Espada is an activist and former tenant lawyer who spent years fighting for Latino rights.  So when he sits down to write poems, it’s no surprise that he tackles the controversial issues.  He writes about immigration reform, about dictators, men on Death Row, poverty, and 9/11 victims.  NPR once refused to air a poem he wrote about a Death Row inmate.  And he once got a bomb threat during a poetry reading.  So how do you fight for the underprivileged with poetry?  And what role does activism play in the neat, organized stanza?  Martín Espada talks about his Puerto-Rican background, his love of Neruda's poetry, and his fight against injustice.
Martin Espada, poet and Prof of English, University of Massachusetts-Amherst

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What a wonderful poetry he has! It is really great to know that real poets still exist in this cheap banal decadent world of today. Thank you Poet for your all of your human's poems and thank you for inviting him to the program.
Rolan Carrillo y CabreraNov 9, 2011 23:18:07 PM
Good morning Mr. Espada, my daughter and I came to your book lecture last Friday. We really enjoyed it. Before leaving I was the lady who said "gracias por benir a Las Vegas". I would like to know if you can please give me an advice as a lawyer? I'm working on fixing my immigration status and since I don't have money to hired a lawyer I'm planning representing myself, are there anything in particular that I should focus on for my speech. I really don't know how to start, so if you can please give me like a to do list that I can follow, I would really appreciated. Thanks a lot in advance! Esperanza :-)
MayraNov 9, 2011 10:26:39 AM
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