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MMA Fighters from Mexico Hope to Reach Las Vegas One Day
MMA Fighters from Mexico Hope to Reach Las Vegas One Day

AIR DATE: November 9, 2011

The world of Mixed Martial Arts spans the globe. Hundreds of fighters from countries like Brazil, Japan, England and many more all compete for a chance for a chance to one day end up under the bright lights of the sport's biggest promotion, Las Vegas-based Ultimate Fighting Championship. Now, a new crop of fighters has popped up just across the border in the Southwest in Tijuana, Mexico. Many of the fighters commute to Tijuana from San Diego, CA to train at gyms that are more affordable but also offer highly skilled coaches. So how many of those fighters will end up in Las Vegas? Fronteras project reporter, Ruxandra Guidi recently visited one gym in Tijuana and she joins us to discuss how young Mexican fighters are looking to make it big in Las Vegas.

Ruxandra Guidi, reporter, Fronteras: The Changing Americas Desk

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The reporter who introduced Ruxandra Guidi for the "MMA Fighters" piece should take a lesson from her and learn the pronunciation of "Tijuana". It is pronounced Tee-juan-a, not Tee-a-juan-a. There is no "a" after the "Ti". This continual mispronunciation is a disparaging sign of ignorance and should be corrected. Your listeners deserve better.
Albert R. GarciaNov 8, 2011 09:07:28 AM
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