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Are Kids Safe When They Leave School
Are Kids Safe When They Leave School

AIR DATE: November 14, 2011

Crossing guards. We see them at intersections near schools, but are there enough of them?  And, are drivers paying attention?  One man is taking it upon himself to keep kids safe at William V. Wright Elementary.  He's a volunteer who works as a crossing guard.  He says he feels like he's the only volunteer trying to keep kids safe.  Do you see problems around your kid's school?  Are children safe when they leave school in the afternoon?
Fred Peters, grandfather and resident in southwest Las Vegas
Cheryl Wagner, Program Manager, Safe Routes to School program, CCSD
Carol Erbach, Principal, William V. Wright Elementary

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I took my son to school last week and drove into the driveway and dropped him off. When I was leaving I left the semi-circle driveway and drove out onto the road where a mother decided that was the place where she was going to let her daughter out of the car. She let her out and had her run across the busy street instead of taking the extra step and driving her into the driveway. I had to slam on my brakes even though I was only going 10mph. The mother was very combative with me. My son goes to a school where there is no boundaries for the parents. I believe the only solution in this is to give the schools more power to set the limits. I want to see CCSD raise the bar. I want to see the standards set higher.
Ligeia WillNov 17, 2011 20:27:31 PM
Just wanted to say the speed limits posted for the schools are 15 MPH WHILE CHILDREN ARE PRESENT! what is that at all about. When I went to school here, the speed limits were posted as 15MPH during the whole school day! We need to caution tape the four corners of all the schools, so children and parents can walk safely. I love my town, its all about being over 21! cant we make the four corners of our schools for under 18?
AliciaNov 17, 2011 10:01:02 AM
Changing parent attitudes will never happen. Signs won't help because they are ignored. Parents that do care need to approach the City Council to ask exceptions to the restrictions on speed humps/raised crosswalk, and these need to be granted. Slowing traffic down is very effective to driver awareness. I have seen beautiful raised walks in Colorado, and they work! People won't respond to pleas to be good....they will respond to damage to their cars for going too fast.
Gayla CoughlinNov 17, 2011 09:57:22 AM
We need to be the Adults. The children and teens are just that, kids. They do need teaching about how to walk to and from school, but we are all licensed and should be watching out for them. I would love to see more School District Police on the roads before and after school. I worked as a Campus Monitor in Nye County for five years and I just moved out here at the start of the school year. I walk my son to Kitty Ward Elementary every day. I have seen a CCSD Police car ONCE. How can we get more CCSD Officers out and about before and after school?
Joshua WrightNov 17, 2011 09:30:15 AM
The immediate vicinity of schools may be safe, but wandering children walking home in many Las Vegas neighborhoods offer opportunity for child predators and other dangers. Walking to school in Las Vegas, regarless of the grade level, poses significant risks and dangers that are much more intense than other cities.
Gary WatersNov 17, 2011 09:21:04 AM
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