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The Coroner's Reality Show
The Coroner's Reality Show

AIR DATE: November 14, 2011

About 1,500 dead bodies come through Mike Murphy's office each year, from celebrity overdoses to bodies mysteriously found dried and withered in the desert.  But such is the job of the county coroner.  And it's caught the attention of TV producers: the county recently signed a reality show deal with Discovery Studios.  But Murphy says it won't be like other reality shows - he wants to use the TV public to solve unsolved cases.  So will they show corpses on TV?  And how will the coroner balance the fine line between appealing television and respect for the dead?  Mike Murphy joins us for an in-depth look at his new TV series.
Mike Murphy, Clark County Coroner

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Regarding bringing nuclear waste material to Nevada for research on reprocessing, the Nevada Test Site already receives nuclear waste for disposal on-site. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission was in the process of reviewing the license application for Yucca Mountain. Would the congressman be in favor of letting them complete that review so that any decisions on Yucca Mountain be made with all of the information available?
JackNov 14, 2011 09:55:53 AM
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