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Misogyny in the Ultimate Fighting Championship
Misogyny in the Ultimate Fighting Championship

AIR DATE: November 17, 2011

When Forrest Griffin tweeted a joke about rape, he set off a firestorm of anger among women and mothers. They see the MMA as very unsuitable role model for children and have spoken out about it. Ricki Barlow was condemned for bringing MMA fighter Frank Mir to speak to local children. The critics join us to talk about what they say are the problems with the UFC.

Emmily Bristol, Nevada Coalition Against Sexual Violence
Christine Kramar, blogger, Vegas for the Family
Loretta Hunt, contributor, Sports Illustrated

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The two women talking about the UFC are unbelievable! If you don't like what UFC does or what it stands for, no one is forcing you to watch it. Pick up the remote and flip the channel! It is still a free country, feel free to watch something else.
J.MNov 15, 2011 10:31:38 AM
Having covered MMA for a few years, I'm glad you had Loretta Hunt here to bring some balance to what otherwise seemed like an ambush. The UFC didn't create misogyny and homophobia among young men. The Internet has been a big outlet for such negativity, and MMA has long been a sport of the Internet. Loretta is right that some in the UFC need to be better educated on some issues, but she's also right to point out -- though your host seemed to ignore this -- that most people associated with the UFC are decent people. Many, such as Jason "Mayhem" Miller and Frank Shamrock, have been active in anti-bullying efforts as well.
Beau DureNov 15, 2011 10:19:46 AM
As the founder of 11 years ago, it's clear misogyny is clearly on the rise. More unsettling? That the solution, GPS with Victim Notification - so women can be empowered to save their own lives - (see is being ignored by the big money boys...perhaps because it's cost effective while saving lives?
Bonnie RussellNov 15, 2011 05:04:15 AM
Did the UFC business plan set the rape tweet into motion with this program to offer incentives for "entertaining tweets" without social responsibility: At its recent UFC Fighter Summit, the company made headlines when it unveiled a $240,000 social media incentive program that will reward fighters for growing their presence on Twitter and putting out the most creative content. Less publicized was the half-day social media training for fighters that was a cornerstone of the event. "It's an education process for some of these guys, like it was for me," White explained. "At first when you get Twitter, you're like, 'What am I going to say on Twitter? Um, I'm going into the other room.' Who gives a [expletive]? The reality is, once you get used to it and get into it, it's actually really addicting and really fun."
Christine Kramar Nov 14, 2011 22:17:02 PM
I am part of a minority Christine, I understand you can have a point of view of mothers and even children but the UFC is in no way offensive to minorities like you just commented. You don't represent me! If you're so worried about Las Vegas image maybe they should make prostitution illegal.
Ruperto AguilarNov 15, 2011 11:02:54 AM
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