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CSN Whistleblower
CSN Whistleblower

AIR DATE: November 22, 2011

Did CSN try to silence a whistleblower?  That's the question posed to investigators in the wake of a recent lawsuit.  The suit claims that CSN officials tried to pressure an auditor, Richard Bloyer, to be quiet after he reported stolen equipment.  (A former construction chief, Bob Gilbert, was convicted and awaits appeal for stealing CSN equipment.)  

So what happened?  Where will this lawsuit head next? What happens to whistleblowers in higher education? And has this happened at CSN before?

J. Patrick Coolican, reporter, LV Sun

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It seems Bob Gilbert spent significant time on leave *with* pay while he was being investigated for the thefts. He has been found guilty - does he repay this pay while on leave?
aunty palinNov 21, 2011 12:03:41 PM
Some CSN friends tell me that this sort of "shenanigans" was not uncommon 6-10 years ago. Complaints were filed but nothing happened and some of these culprits are still there holding 6-figure tenured salaries.
aunty palinNov 21, 2011 11:20:56 AM
If Nevada stregnthened its whistleblower protections, would we be able to clean up fraud and waste in government agencies, such as higher education?
Anne RobertsNov 19, 2011 07:46:18 AM
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