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The Utah Immigration Law
The Utah Immigration Law

AIR DATE: December 1, 2011

Utah looks odd sitting beside Arizona and Alabama but the federal government is now suing the Beehive State to strike down its immigration law. But this law is different from the more draconian laws that emphasize the need for immigrants to prove that they are legal residents. So what is different in Utah? And why did the federal government decide to sue anyway to invalidate the law?
David Montero, Reporter, Salt Lake Tribune
Tony Yapias, Exec Dir, Proyecto Latino de Utah

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You are speaking on a very important topic, one that worries me constantly and breaks my heart. Why, why, why is Mr. Rhodes building these high end money-wasting homes on property that we peons will see as we enjoy Red Rock... and there's no water? Why, why, why are more homes being built on the road to Kyle Canyon when there are so many empty on that end of town.. and there's no water? I feel that the people who allowed these permits to go through are the ones most responsible and should be removed from office. How we have despoiled this beautiful valley and are continuing to do so!!! Please stop!!!
Liz PooleNov 29, 2011 09:34:49 AM
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