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Police Shootings - Training and the Inquest Process
Police Shootings - Training and the Inquest Process

AIR DATE: December 2, 2011

The Las Vegas Review-Journal has undertaken a year-long review of police shootings in Clark County. The series has documented a culture reluctant to change as well as training and personnel procedures inadequate to change the system. The reporters as well as critics of the system join us to discuss the findings on the culture of local police departments and the failings of the inquest process to bring out the facts in police shootings.
Lawrence Mower, Reporter, Las Vegas Review-Journal
Alan Maimon, Special Correspondent, Las Vegas Review-Journal
Brian Hayned, Reporter, Las Vegas Review-Journal
Richard Boulware, VP, Las Vegas Chapter, NAACP
Chris Collins, Exec Dir, Las Vegas Police Protective Assoc
Delores Brown Jones, PhD, Dir, The Center on Race, Crime and Justice, John Jay College of Criminal Justice

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As an ex-cop I know that there is a problem when it comes to the way that officers in this valley interact with the citizen. Especially African-American males, of which I am one. My father and grand father were both high ranking law enforcement officers here also. I have two sons and I have told my oldest (15yrs)to always do "EXACTLY" what a police officer tells you to do! It may not keep you from getting shot, but hopefully it will lessen the chance. White officers are far more wary when they interact with people of color. Some feel that just because of the color of your skin, you are dangerous. I say this because it's what I've heard them say. I respect them, but I don't really trust them. And I know other ex-cops who feel the same way. And some of them are caucasian.
remnant777Nov 30, 2011 10:57:47 AM
Cris Collins you better get outside your cirle of cops friends. If you think this town lovers Metro cops. your dreaming!!! So your ok with this community afraid of cops? You don't see a problem with that? clearify to me again how dangerous cops jobs are. Thats different from a fire fighter, or military or bridge builder for that matter. You as a cop willing do this job. If you can't do it right then Quit!! But how dare you use that excuse, "its a hard job" so thats why we KiLL people sometimes. Save that talk for your cop friends...that won't fly in a public conversation!
Linda RossNov 30, 2011 10:37:24 AM
Where was the sheriff? Where is metro in this very important discussion? Mr. Collins is far from anyone who can speak for Metro as he states. This is the problem with Metro, A culture of arrogance and no accountability to the public from top to beat cop on the street. I dont have to answer you to Joe pubic. I am a 10 year local from Hawaii and lived in LA for 10 Years during the Rodney King era. Im more afraid of cops here then I was ever there. Thats based on only two interactions with police for minor Traffic stops. They clearly have policy that empowers these cops to feel I can treat anyone in anyway I what to, Just because I can!!
matthew tNov 30, 2011 10:22:38 AM
If Chris Collins thinks that the police department has the confidence of the the Las Vegas community, his home should be searched for dope because he is smoking some good mj. There is a cover your ass mentality in this department with the Sheriff not providing the appropriate training and the DA not involved. There is NO outside check. As to training, they continue to put themselves in danger and have no idea how to handle some one with a knife, for example. If I was a black man, I would leave town. The mentality of cops in this town is such that "you are nobody special". My wife was told that specifically on a traffic stop.
Will SchroederNov 30, 2011 09:48:20 AM
Hi: My question was for Mr. Collins. I want to know if he thinks Bryan Yant should still be a police officer after serving a drug warrant for the wrong man and then shooting him dead, unarmed, in a bathroom? If he doesn't think it's wrong, why? Jake.T
Jake.TNov 30, 2011 09:41:50 AM
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