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Jackie Evancho, Child Singing Star
Jackie Evancho, Child Singing Star

AIR DATE: December 14, 2011

At the tender age of 10, Jackie Evancho wowed millions by singing with the voice of a full-grown opera superstar on "America's Got Talent."  "Are you sure you're not 30?" judge Piers Morgan asked.  She came in second place on the show, but since then the tiny blond wunderkind has shot to fame around the world. 
Jackie Evancho talks about training her voice, her future dreams, and what it's like being a super star at the age of (now) 11.  Jackie Evancho performs with the "David Foster and Friends" concert on Dec. 29 at Mandalay Bay.
Jackie Evancho, singer and runner-up, "America's Got Talent"
David Foster, composer, singer and record producer
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    There have been performers I've liked, but beyond wishing them well, none I've _cared_ about before. To hear Jackie is to be changed for the better - as well as to be amazed by her gift and her skill in using it, and the kind and caring person that she is. May she continue as long as she has the heart and the will to do so!
    R. HamiltonDec 14, 2011 20:40:07 PM
    Great, great interview. Jackie is maturing and handling herself better all the time. David Foster added a lot as well. Jackie is just a prodigy and, if you get the chance, go see her. You will see (and hear) that it is not all hype. She truly is THAT good!
    Joe MerktDec 14, 2011 17:42:21 PM
    What a great interview. And how remarkable and measured the words were from this young lady. One slight error about the upcoming Mandalay Bay concert on 12/29: This is not a regular "David Foster and Friends" concert "with Jackie Evancho". It will be David Foster and Jackie Evancho only. David will be showcasing his own considerable talent for the first portion, with Jackie showcasing hers during the rest. On KOCE (, David described it as his being the first third, and Jackie's the final two-thirds. This just shows the depth of his confidence in what his young protégé brings to the microphone.
    Charles HoffDec 14, 2011 12:47:38 PM
    I had the privilege of seeing her live in Oakland last year for the AGT tour. Now I have a ticket to her Las Vegas show on December 29. Of course I am so looking forward to that. I have been following this amazing child since her first post on YouTube 3 years ago. She is coming to San Francisco in March, and I may go to that one as well. If you ever have the opportunity to see her live, by all means do it.
    David SilverDec 14, 2011 16:16:08 PM
    Having seen Jackie perform one time, I can affirm that Craig's remarks are no exaggeration. If there is any way you can see this child perform, do so. You'll amazed and transformed.
    Mike WilsonDec 14, 2011 11:24:44 AM
    Great people - especially great children - don't just entertain us; they inspire us. Jackie is a great child who has inspired and moved thousands of people with her stage presence, her personality, her gentleness, her loveliness and - of course - her incomparable voice. Those who enter the Mandalay on 12/29 to be entertained will be stunned at how much more this child will do to them, and they will leave better people than when they arrived. How I wish I could be among them!
    Craig RasmussenDec 14, 2011 05:52:52 AM
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