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Metro Under the Microscope for Another Fatal Shooting
Metro Under the Microscope for Another Fatal Shooting

AIR DATE: December 22, 2011

Sheriff Doug Gillespie spoke to the press this week to respond to the shooting death of Las Vegan Stanley Gibson this weekend.  He says there has to be an investigation.  But, this makes twelve fatal shootings by police since February.  Is the sheriff in the hot seat?
Mike Blasky, LVRJ
Lawrence Mower, LVRJ

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I thnk those of you who feel compelled to defend the actions of a police force obviously out of control are just as ignorant as the individuals doing the shooting. How did shooting someone as a first reseort ever become acceptable?? If you only knew just how cavalier some of these officers are about their actions, you would be disgusted, And yes I am privy to the details of many of the recent shootings by way of my employment. Metro needs to admit there is a problem and stop trying to defend their actions. Its disgusting, insluting, and makes me think twice about calling hte police - for ANY reason.
AnonymousDec 14, 2011 15:57:14 PM
I was wondering if anyone was going to mention the fact that this guy rammed a police cruiser in the process...?
AnonymousDec 14, 2011 09:15:27 AM
As a non law enforcement public safety professional for the last 12 years I have worked closely with Metro on many occasions. Having seen the level of hostility, the physical confrontations and the verbal abuse Metro Officers endure I would like to express my sincere thanks for what the LVMPD does. Their ability to control extremely difficult situations and subsequently deescalate to a compassionate role to help those they serve continues to earn my respect. Please don't forget there are some bad actors in LV, and Metro is "our" best tool to keep these folks in check. Keep up the great work!
Brian Dec 14, 2011 08:09:07 AM
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