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DJ Tatiana: Woman or Catwoman
DJ Tatiana: Woman or Catwoman

AIR DATE: January 6, 2012

DJ Tatiana performs around the world.  She used to be a resident DJ at the House of Blues, and was the official DJ for Spike TV.  But she remembers when she used to dress up as a boy, just to get gigs.  DJ Tatiana talks about being a woman in a man's DJ world, being one of the few women to play Electric Daisy Carnival and Burning Man, and why she and her music partner Nigel perform wearing giant cat heads.  (Watch out, Deadmau5!)
DJ Tatiana

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Congratulations Tatiana! We are very proud of you! To us, you will always be number one, great DJ and a great friend.

Here's to your success and happiness! We wish you all the success you deserve in the New Year.

We love you!

samir mahallawyJan 5, 2012 22:28:27 PM
Stoked to have the sounds of DJ Tatiana at work to make my day move...keep it up!!!
JerryJan 5, 2012 10:35:48 AM
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