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Mayor Carolyn Goodman Talks 2012
Mayor Carolyn Goodman Talks 2012

AIR DATE: January 9, 2012

Mayor Carolyn Goodman joins us to discuss the "Year of Downtown" as well as the upcoming State of the City address, parking and what she expects to accomplish in 2012.  Post your questions for the mayor below.
Carolyn Goodman, Mayor, Las Vegas

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I was listening to the bit about the farmers market and such, I called with a question but I had to remove myself from the phone before I had a chance to ask or even listen to see if the question was answered (it was about agriculture licensing/business licensing to sell produce in the farmer's market). Is there a way to get a recording of the whole talk? I wish I didn't have to work and had all day to listen to NPR but I don't have that luxury. <3
KvAJan 13, 2012 22:25:00 PM
The last couple of years our Governor has pushed cuts due to budget woes, education was cut, teacher pay was cut, parents are being asked for more and more....but our politicians have found money to upgrade our parking meters so that drivers looking for a place to park can: "Check their cell phone to find an open space" she says. This statement just a few days after the freeway signs notify us of the "No handheld use while driving up to a $250 fine."

I have eyes, I can see if there is a parking space open. Send that money back to the schools please.

Gayla CoughlinJan 10, 2012 15:25:33 PM
I listened to discussion about Constables. At 9:30a.m. today a Las Vegas Constable vehicle with driver was talking on his hand held cell phone. This was on Eastern Avenue southbound at Windmill. Are members of this type agency exempt from the recent Cell Phone Law that became effective Jan. 1?
Jim WilliamsJan 9, 2012 10:03:32 AM
Unfortunate comment ahead: since when do laws apply to those above regular citizens?
KvAJan 13, 2012 22:21:26 PM
The name Symphony Park has no connection to our past and is a meaningless name that could exist in any downtown or suburban area. It was a marketing move to It's old name, Union Park brings to mind the railroad, which still travels past through the area. Do you support changing the name back to Union Park which reminds us of our past, helps preserve our history while still looking toward our future downtown development?
NicholasJan 9, 2012 09:14:04 AM
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