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Life Inside a Japanese Internment Camp
Life Inside a Japanese Internment Camp

AIR DATE: January 11, 2012

Gordon Hirabayashi died earlier this week.  He fought the internment of Japanese Americans during WWII with the Supreme Court case, Hirabayshi v. United States.  In 1942, the govenment interned 110,000 people of Japanese ancestry.  They packed their bags, left their homes and businesses behind, and moved into "war relocation camps" across America.  Rosie Kakuuchi was 16 when her family moved to the camps.  She shares her story about life in the camp, the losses she suffered there, and what happened when she returned to visit almost 60 years later.
Rosie Kakuuchi, former resident of the Manzanar relocation camp

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Could you also please add the link to the Japanese American Citizens League.
Delwayne ArakakiJan 8, 2012 07:24:05 AM
Thank you for doing this segment.

Did you know there was also a Japanese and Japanese American population in Ely and McGill who where not 'relocated'.

My fathers family from Bakersfield were sent to Poston II near Parker AZ.

Lots of History Found at Manzanar and even in Delta UT at the Topaz Lake Relocation Center not far from Great Basin National Park.

miyokoOno-Moore Jan 6, 2012 09:43:01 AM
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