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Alien Cathouse: Taking Brothels to a Whole New Galaxy
Alien Cathouse: Taking Brothels to a Whole New Galaxy

AIR DATE: January 17, 2012

Watch out, Princess Leia!  You’re not the only one who can sport a gold bikini and dance with aliens.  A new brothel will open outside Las Vegas – and it’s catering to sci-fi fans.  After all, what’s more seductive than a green woman with three breasts?  So, how common is the sci-fi festish?  Why is science fiction so appealing sexually?  And what’s the likelihood an alien brothel will succeed?  Sex columnist Dan Savage weighs in.
Dan Savage, columnist, “Savage Love

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How interesting.... I think I would (if I can afford it)
Peter CLEJan 13, 2012 16:50:42 PM
WAY to GO!
I personally do not get "into" Sci-Fi, but my BFF- a wonderful gay man REALLY does. I plan to show this to him---Perhaps it will catch on in PDX???! I say ahem..."May the Force Be With You ALL!"

shae binfetJan 13, 2012 16:35:17 PM
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