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Addressing School Maintenance without Money
Addressing School Maintenance without Money

AIR DATE: January 16, 2012

Many schools across the Clark County School District are crumbling. Broken air conditioners, leaky roofs and cracked paint are just a few problems facing older schools in the district. Officials in the district recognize the need for maintenance and repair of school buildings but are struggling to pay for it. The School District estimates it needs about $5.1 billion to make repairs over the next decade. We discuss how the district plans on making school repairs it can't afford.
Jeff Weiler, CFO, CCSD
Tim Adams, Principal, Rex Bell Elementary School
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    I just did a fall fundraiser for my son's school. I went to everyone I knew plus went door to door asking people to buy stuff from catalogs to support my son's school. After the fundraiser the principle sent a notice home saying she was using the money to beautify the school. Also she would have a contest for the kids to win Kindles from Amazon. My son's school is a Title 1 school, the last thing these children need is a Kindle. One block away is the beautiful Clark County Library. The best thing these parents can do is take their kids to the library. Beautify the school? It is fine the way it is, it has nice murals all over it. I would like to know why the Principle has such ultimate authority on these issues. When I asked to see the breakdown of federal money that was supposed to be spent on 'family night' I was rebuffed. No money was spent on it,yet $500 of your tax dollars was given to her. The roofs are being worked on everyday, where is that money coming from? Is it from money that is supposed to be spent on programs like family night? Can Principle's rob coffers like the State can rob city and county coffers?
    Ligeia WillJan 11, 2012 14:25:44 PM
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