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Whether Democrats Have the Same Voter Registration Energy as '08
Whether Democrats Have the Same Voter Registration Energy as '08

AIR DATE: January 13, 2012

In 2008, President Barrack Obama and the Democrats won Nevada thanks in part to an army of volunteers.  These volunteers blitzed the state and helped the Democrats gain a 100,000 registered voter advantage.  But, almost four years later, is that campaign machine still as strong?  Are young people, one of Obama's most important voter block, still behind him?  Are Latinos ready to give Obama their vote?  What have Republicans learned from the Democrats' campaign wave of '08?
Steve Sebelius, columnist, LVRJ, and member, KLAS Channel 8 I-Team

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I believe that Republicans have tried to sabotage President Obama by being the party of "no" and the Tea Party has angered many latinos with the anti-immigration stance. I am Hispanic and will vote for Obama again! I believe that many people have not given him enough time to turn this country around. You can't change 8 years of bad policy in one term. I believe Obama is doing a great job, better than a republican could.
MarcoJan 13, 2012 09:17:12 AM
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