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Funding Higher Education - the North-South Divide
Funding Higher Education - the North-South Divide

AIR DATE: December 27, 2012

State Senator John Lee, D-North Las Vegas, argues that students in Southern Nevada are subsidizing students in the North. UNLV generates 40% of tuition revenue for the system while UNR generates only 27% but both get equal state funding. So what led to this inequity and how can it be fixed? Or does it need to be fixed?
Dan Klaich, Chancellor, Nevada System of Higher Education
David Damore, Prof of Poli Sci, UNLV
Elliott Parker, Prof of Econ, UNR
Greg Brower, Senator, R-Reno

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We citizens have had to make REAL cuts in our businesses.

The Universities have top heavy administrations.

In many small, private colleges, administrators often also teach one or two classes per semester. Not only does this practice allow small colleges to do more with less, it keeps administrative staff in touch with the students who they are serving.

While some programs have been reduced or cut, here in Nevada, MORE of the frivolous programs need to be targeted.

As a former hiring official, I never sought an employee with a, "Women's Studies, Latino, or Afro studies degree, nor have I sought esoteric majors such as, Criminal Justice, Art History, Dietetics, or Human Development. These programs have no real demand from the market, and should be axed.

Transferring some of the lower demand programs to the Community Colleges, and making those schools four-year degree granting institutions (like CSN is already doing with a few specialized programs) would allow UNR and UNLV to focus on fewer programs.

Bottom line:

Cut Administration by 75%

Use more Adjuncts

Eliminate nonsense degrees, like "Womens, Black, Latino, Studies."

Tyler Jan 17, 2012 09:59:59 AM
After listening, it's clear that the powers that be won't be changing much.

I think the response to the listeners question regarding proportional representation to be spot on. It is clear that Southern Nevada does not have proper representation at the NSHE. The response that it is ok because the legislature properly represents the south is a fallacy. The issue is the NSHE, not the legislature.

MatthewJan 17, 2012 09:55:30 AM
if the spending per student is the same but the tuition is higher at unlv doesn't that clearly describe the disparity
lesJan 17, 2012 09:37:07 AM
I'm a recent graduate from UNLV. My graduation was delayed because of classes being cancelled due to budget cuts. I found myself paying rapidly increased tuition for a education of declining quality. I hate that we're fighting about which school should be suffering worse, when we should be fighting to improve then all by increasing revenues state-wide.
BenJan 17, 2012 09:35:15 AM
Chancellor Klaich suggested that the campuses should each keep their own money. How would that impact building new campuses with no initial students (like when NSC was created) or the Desert Research Institute which has no students of their own.
JerryJan 17, 2012 09:28:06 AM
Here is a question to the Chancellor on the proposed 3 step NSHE Funding Formula. Since each school should retain 100% of the tuition and fees it generates, the only function of the proposed NSHE funding formula should be to allocate the state appropriation dollars to each school. So why does it appear the proposed NSHE funding formula pools the state appropriation with the tuition and fees and runs the total through the funding formula? This appears to reallocate the tuition and fees BETWEEN schools.
MarkJan 17, 2012 09:22:43 AM
The Funding Formula Committee consists of 12 voting members. Since Clark County has 3/4th of the population, I would expect 9 members of this committee to be from Clark County but there are only 6. Yet again a quarter of the population has 50% of the representation. The deck already seems stack. How can we get the North/South funding allocation right when we cant even get the North/South allocation of the committee right? Also why are 3 of the 4 quests on the topic from Reno?
MarkJan 17, 2012 08:38:59 AM
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