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Revolutionizing Nevada's Tax Structure
Revolutionizing Nevada's Tax Structure

AIR DATE: January 20, 2012

Attorney Kermit Waters wants to completely revamp the Nevada tax structure. Under Waters' plan Nevada's mining industry would pay a 20% state tax and businesses earning $1 million in revenue a month would pay a gross-receipts tax. Waters also wants to abolish taxes on single-family homes and use the increased revenue generated from mining and business taxes to pay for teacher raises, road improvements and to fund the state's Millennium Scholarship as well as many other initiatives. Kermit Waters joins us to discuss why and how he plans to give the state's tax structure a complete face lift.
Kermit Waters, attorney, Law Offices of Kermitt L. Waters
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    Thank you Mr. Waters! These free market evangelicals are total knuckleheads. Businesses won't come here because Nevada's full of uneducated provincial boobs, not because taxes are raised.
    Elizabeth CookJan 18, 2012 09:34:34 AM
    Businesses do not want to locate in a place where their children will not recieve a decent education. Also, businesses need well educated employees.
    Rebekah WoodsJan 18, 2012 09:54:02 AM
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