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Las Vegas for Vegans
Las Vegas for Vegans

AIR DATE: January 23, 2012

Las Vegas for Vegans is not a new diet plan. It's the best short story of the year by an Australian crime writer. We talk with A.C. Patric about his story that gives a noirish twist to our fair city - it's a dark tale of hookers and death in the desert.
A.S. Patric, author
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    It really spoils it for me that the author has never visited Vegas.
    aunty palinJan 23, 2012 11:15:42 AM
    That the author hasn't been to Las Vegas doesn't worry me since I see it as a celebration of the imagination and as the author says research. I don't agree with the author's comment however that the desert is nothing. Anyway the story appeals.
    Jan DeanSep 8, 2012 17:49:01 PM
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