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Justice or Forgiveness
Justice or Forgiveness

AIR DATE: January 31, 2012

Local priest Kevin McAuliffe made headlines for all the wrong reasons when he admitted stealing $650,000 from his parish.  The judge sentenced him to three years in prison.  But many of his parishioners said they forgave him, and said prison wasn't the right place for his gambling addiction. 
Have you ever made a mistake?  Were you forgiven or punished?  When it comes to the sins of others, how much are we willing to forgive?  And where do you draw the line between forgiveness on one hand, and making sure justice is served, on the other?  Community members weigh in with their thoughts.  Leave your comments below.
Patrick Coolican, columnist, LV Sun
Pastor Robert Fowler, Sr Pastor, Victory Missionary Baptist Church
Bishop Dan Edwards, Diocese of Nevada
Connie Calarco, parishioner, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church

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I don't understand the statement that Monsignor built St. Elizabeth. I thought it was Fr. Tony who built the Church after it was in the double wide trailers. Seems folks forget who began the building project....I recall that Monsignor built the school.
Charlotte LeasJan 20, 2012 20:40:47 PM
Father McAulife, Way to go for taking the first steps toward paying down your debts, financial and otherwise. Go on line to find a Debtors Anonymous group; find a sponsor; learn to work the 12 steps so you can share that message with other sufferers. That is one way you can work toward self-forgiveness. And keep paying down your debts. You still have opportunities to show your courage, strength and hope.
annJan 20, 2012 11:11:38 AM
For those interested in learning more about gambling, you can visit the Nevada Council on Problem Gambling.

No, I'm not affiliated with them, but wanted folks to have a resource if they wanted it.

cl crossJan 20, 2012 11:06:52 AM
Forgiveness is good. And the parishners can do this. The priest however broke the law. Why should his treatment be any different than that of John Doe. A southern state incarcerated two sisters for years for supposedly stealing food. This type of thinking is why the Catholic Church covered up the pedofiles within the priesthood.
Jane RidleyJan 20, 2012 10:38:27 AM
Are the casinos going to give any of the money lost back? (if it was a bookie forget it) How much do these guys get paid? Won't it take a lifetime of earnings to pay it back?
Aunty PalinJan 20, 2012 10:23:33 AM
The real crime is the cover-up. I think his superiors are culpable as well. Yes, he should be sentenced as a possible deterrent to others. He betrayed a trust that is inherent in his job. He also needs to be referred to Debtors Anonymous. It is open to anyone with problems with money.
annJan 20, 2012 10:22:27 AM
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