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Is College Becoming Too Expensive
Is College Becoming Too Expensive

AIR DATE: January 27, 2012

The cost of a four year college education is increasing almost annually.  Last year the Board of Regents raised tuition for Nevada students by eight percent.  In the last twenty-five years the cost of college has gone up more than 400%.  Is this constant rise in cost forcing more people out of the dream of a higher education?  And where is all that money going?
Richard Vedder, Prof of Econ, Ohio University; and Dir, Center for College Affordability and Productivity
Aimee Riley, Chair, Nevada Student Alliance
Ariana Mahban, senior, UNLV
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    The steady rise in tuition has surely impacted my life as I'm sure it has impacted other students throughout Nevada. When I was faced with this increase, I changed my lifestyle accordingly. to me, not pursuing higher education is simply not an option. Surely these increases are a short-term budget solution and penalizing our future generations by means of barring them from educational opportunities will prove to be terrible both for this state and country in the long run.
    Erik McKayJan 25, 2012 21:14:55 PM
    Students have the power to change the system if we work together strategically as a collective. Please get involved!

    Occupy Student Debt~launched a new campaign to encourage passage of laws that protect students from predatory lending. Start blaming the lenders like Sallie Mae who paid off politicians to strip away consumer protections!

    March 1st~International Protest for Education at all levels

    Jennifer J. ReedJan 25, 2012 16:25:03 PM
    what a bunch of whiners. stay in school until you're seniors, you're professional students. no jobs available in the meaner leaner america...
    unemployed anthropologistJan 25, 2012 10:41:06 AM
    " Average tuition has more than tripled since 1980, and federal aid has failed to keep up.

    " Two out of three students graduate with student loan debt, at an average of almost $25,000.

    " African American students are more likely to take out student loans, and to graduate with higher debt levels.

    " The student loan default rate rose 31 percent over just 2 years.

    " For the first time, the amount of total student loan debt in the U.S. is greater than the total amount of credit card debt.

    This link

    JenniferJan 25, 2012 12:47:58 PM
    Overall, inflation has increased 300% since 1980. Maybe college tuition has increased more than 300%, but more than anything else that's an indication of how cheap (affordable) it was in the 1960s. For one thing, more people used to go to junior college. Now more students are finding that's part of the path to an affordable education. Get a job AND go to school at the same time and quit partying so much.
    listenerJan 25, 2012 14:33:04 PM
    1) Nevada has the highest unemployment rate in the nation, 2) Many students ARE working and attending classes at the same time (and are often underemployed and highly stressed), 3) Many jobs have been outsourced to other countries to the point where almost nothing is made in the U.S.A. any more - pressure our reps to pass legislation to tax American corporations heavily that take jobs elsewhere (get money out of corrupting influence on politics via special interest lobbyists and campaign contributions).
    JenniferJan 25, 2012 15:55:53 PM
    STOP equating 'accountability in government' with the idea that 'more government is bad'. It NOT against the libertarian ethos of Nevada to allow unregulated abuse of tax dollars because creating governmental oversight to prevent and prosecute that abuse is a worse idea. THAT IS NOT HOW NEVADAN'S THINK! THAT IS NOT WHAT THEY BELIEVE!
    Jim in HendersonJan 25, 2012 10:18:34 AM
    Thanks, Jim. I'm glad to see that we're on the same page.
    BenJan 25, 2012 10:32:07 AM
    This could also be construed as an immigration issue. The president said in SOTU last night that we need to keep international students in the US so that they can create jobs and invent things here locally. But if tuition costs keep rising, how can they afford to come.

    Also, with rising tuition costs, it makes it more difficult for the "dreamers" to get a path to citizenship

    MichaelJan 25, 2012 10:17:15 AM
    How much is tuition for a average student the first year and how much is the payments monthly? Weekly? Whats the number and this increase is what a month a year what?
    carson jonesJan 25, 2012 10:10:48 AM
    One reason why education costs rise while quality declines is the lack of accountability. We need to fix our broken accredidation systems. The federal government pays out billions to private colleges & universities that frankly do not perform. Even at UNLV, recent cuts have crippled some departments so bad that they should lose their accreditation. I have a close relationship with a department chair who tried to use a potential loss of accreditation as ammunition to keep his department's funding, but was told by the accredidation organization that they "understood his position & wouldn't take away the department's accredidation." We need real academic oversight to improve.
    BenJan 25, 2012 10:04:30 AM
    I feel like the show's guests misunderstood my point. I was condemning--not praising--the private colleges/universities for generating huge profits by taking goverment funding & student loans, and providing an AWFUL education. That's why I'm for stronger accreditation standards. And I don't want to use it to cripple UNLV. I want there to be real, headline-generating consequences for the crippling higher education budget cuts made by our legislatures. A loss of credentials--even partially--will bring this issue to the immediate attention of a woefully uninformed and apathetic Nevada populace.
    BenJan 25, 2012 10:30:13 AM
    Ben, My comments were directed to Richard Vedder, Prof of Econ, Ohio University; and Dir, Center for College Affordability and Productivity. He praised the "efficiency" of for-profit schools, which is laughable considering that for-profit Kaplan U recently paid out a quarter billion to execs courtesy of students and taxpayers. This link

    Additionally, 40% of student loan defaults result from students who received their higher education at a for-profit institution. It's interesting to see how much money these for-profit schools spend on lobbyists to pass legislation toward privatizing education.

    JenniferJan 25, 2012 12:35:46 PM
    "For-profit colleges continue their effort to avoid accountability for high-cost, low-quality programs, programs paid for by U.S. taxpayers and struggling students. They have spent big money on lobbying, public relations, and campaign contributions - and have engaged in some highly questionable tactics."

    This link

    JenniferJan 25, 2012 12:45:10 PM
    "Nevada College Expense in Perspective" College costs are increasing but much less so in Nevada than nationally and almost entirely due to reductions in public support, not due to increasing costs of delivering education. State cuts force tuition increases, as do state subsidies of out-of-state students.

    This link

    Gregory BrownJan 25, 2012 00:58:59 AM
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