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Hawaiian Heritage Collection Visits Nevada
Hawaiian Heritage Collection Visits Nevada

AIR DATE: January 30, 2012

Hawaii is famous for its surfers, hula dancers, and aloha spirit.  But did you know it was a monarchy, before its queen was forced to surrender the islands at gunpoint?  Or that island folklore says volcanoes erupt because of the goddess Pele, and that shark gods help ships lost at sea? 
The organizers of a new exhibit hope to shed new light on Hawaii's history, apart from its palm-trees-and-tourists resort image.  Outside of Hawaii, the exhibit is the largest collection on the West Coast.  The Henderson Library District will kick off the exhibit on Jan. 28 with a traditional opening ceremony, movies, crafts, and hula dancing.
Vincent 'Iokimo Souza, hula instructor and advisory committee member, Henderson Library Hawaiian Heritage Collection

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Aloha e Vincent: Mahalo. Maika'i no kou 'olelo iloko i ka lekio. (Thank you, Your message was excellent) I appreciated our time w/all of you in Nevada. The beautiful leis (especially the awapuhi). Mahalo to all of you for your hospitality. Aloha, Lei Kihoi
Lei KihoiFeb 9, 2012 15:15:58 PM
This is Vincent 'Iokimo Suuza and The listener is correct...I meant to say my great grandparents and not grandparents and for this I apologiz. However, my great grandparents on my Hawaiian mother's side of the family witnessed the lowering of the flag at 'Iolani Palace as young teens and this story was shared with my 'ohana (family). I was a youth when I could reallly comprehend this story. As Mr. Leatherock has obviously expressed through the bias tone and uninformed knowledge that I was giving falsehood with his statement "He was claiming a personal, conversational connection to an opressive event that does not exist. I wonder what else is untrue in his story of opression, theft and manipulation? "...this is why the Hawaiian Heritage Collection at the Henderson Green Valley Library is so important. For people to have and take the opportunity to become educated and informed on the real history of Hawaii as already recognized by the United Sates with the Apology Bill that the U.S. issued under President Bill Clinton. So take advanatge of the resources available within the Hawaiian Heritage will be amzazed at what you can too Mr. Leatherock!
Vincent 'Iokimo SouzaJan 31, 2012 23:07:17 PM
Souza says he was born in the late 1960s, his parents were born in the 1940s and his grandparents saw the overthrow, which this feature says happened in 1893. I think it is obvious that his claim is not true and KNPR should have called him out on this. He was claiming a personal, conversational connection to an opressive event that does not exist. I wonder what else is untrue in his story of opression, theft and manipulation?
Jeff LeatherockJan 28, 2012 17:29:33 PM
What Vincent stated in his talk with you is true with the exception of his grandparents seen the Hawaiian flag being lowered at the Iolani Palace. He apologized for saying it was his great grandparents who witnessed it and not his grandparents. All the other things that was stated is true and actually happened. In 1893 the over throw of the Hawaiian Anarchy did happen and the Queen was imprisoned in her own palace. That period was also known as "The Great Mahele" or the land division in the Territory of Hawaii. I am also born in the 1940's and knows Vincent's parents and uncle as we all went to school together. I will attest to what Vincent said to you' I did a theses of the Great Mahele of 1893 in 1970 for the Univesity Of Hawaii and did a lot of research not only in the library but actually went to see and visit "Apuaha's" on the island of Oahu and Molokai.
WAYNE C.K. LEWISFeb 1, 2012 15:16:28 PM
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