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Republicans reach out for the Hispanic Vote
Republicans reach out for the Hispanic Vote

AIR DATE: January 30, 2012

Earlier this month, the Republican Committee appointed Bettina Inclan as Director of Hispanic Outreach. Initially the new director emphasized the Obama administration's economic problems. Bettina Inclan joins us to talk about the issues that will win Hispanics to the GOP. We will also check on the national situation as well as how things are working in the Nevada caucus.

Bettina Inclan, Hispanic Outreach Dir, Republican National Committee

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It is clear that Betina does not understand the Latino issue. Why she is working for the RNC I don't know because they really need someone that is educated about what is important to Latinos. The economy is tied to immigration for Latinos. DeeDee was much more articulate about the issue. She understands that this is not an amnesty when politicians offer an opportunity to legalize the undocumented populous at a cost/fee/fine. Mitt is already flip flopping on the issue. His anti-immigrant cohort Kobach is a major turnoff to Latinos and Rubio is missing it altogether. No wonder the Repub Party is in danger of their very future.
vonJan 27, 2012 12:46:31 PM
This is very embarrassing for both young ladies. Bettina stumbles and does not clearly articulate thoughts or ideas = well anything. This is the best the RNC could do? A talking head who sounds like she didn't graduate high school? The Hispanic vote is already lost if this is who the Republicans think should reach out to Latinos on their behalf?

DD on the other hand sounds like an immature whiner who needs to stop acting like she speaks for all Latinos. DD consistently lies about what she actually does. I lived in Arizona and DD always lied about what she was doing and about the size of Somos Republicans. They are NOT the largest Latino Republican group. Lies, lies, lies! DD never had any successful effort = EVER! Check out the Lou Show and look at the archives featuring DD and exposing her lies and how she tries to take credit for others hard work. Pathetic. DD cares about herself and not Latinos. She cares about getting HER name in print. Bettina at least cares about a party and not only herself. Both equally ignorant though.

JoaquinJan 27, 2012 08:24:20 AM
DD did a much better job of clarifying what the GOP needs to do to reach out to Latino Voters. It is no surprise that the RNC chose someone like Bettina who is nothing but a puppet for the old guard in the GOP. DD would have been clearly at odds with so many in the GOP who still continue to take a hardline approach on immigration which is in fact an important topic for many Latinos including myself. Bravo DD Garcia!!
AlJan 26, 2012 22:37:14 PM
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