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Richard Florida and the Great Reset
Richard Florida and the Great Reset

AIR DATE: January 31, 2012

Author Richard Florida launched the discussion of the the "creative class" a decade ago. It became a buzzword for economic development and the way to try to become the next Silicon Valley. Many cities have tried to model themselves on it with varying degrees of success. But the Creative Class Group is now advising Tony Hsieh and Zappo's with their downtown project. Richard Florida is a keynote speaker at the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce's Preview 2012 and he joins us to discuss the ways to build a smarter and richer city.
Richard Florida, author, The Creative Class and The Great Reset; and, Dir, Martin Prosperity Inst , Rotman School of Mgmt, U of Toronto
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    I wonder what its meant by LV being center of global networking. Even with conventions, these guys come in busy and cant wait to leave, which they do as soon as it is over.They dont often mingle with locals for a cup of coffee. How does this attract creative class. job opportunities leads to combact cities, LV cant do so without this. People have to come in without leaving.
    Abisai, BensonFeb 7, 2012 20:23:56 PM
    So Dr. Florida how far away is Vegas from a critcal mass of the creative class?
    aunty palinFeb 7, 2012 09:36:46 AM
    Oh yeah, just because Switch Communications is in LV with big internet pipes does not mean because it was built they will come. Bottomline, Vegas is not that appealing a community to much of the "creative class".
    aunty palinFeb 7, 2012 09:26:28 AM
    If Zappos is all Vegas has got to seed the next Silicon Valley, then the emperor has no shoes.
    aunty palinFeb 7, 2012 09:16:40 AM
    Web hosting facilities provided by Switch.