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Amonix Layoffs and the Future of Solar Power
Amonix Layoffs and the Future of Solar Power

AIR DATE: February 1, 2012

Amonix is a designer and manufacturer of concentrated photovoltaic commercial solar power systems.  And, seven months ago they opened a plant in North Las Vegas employing hundreds.  Recently, the company laid off almost two thirds of those employees.  Why?  And what does this say about the power of solar to generate jobs?


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Talk about timing. A couple of days ago, Flextronics posted a manufacturing job listing for their N. LV facility. I wonder if it is "for real" or a smokescreen response to the negative press.
Aunty PalinFeb 3, 2012 12:13:19 PM
You know what they said,out with the old, in with the new but the new have Two Thousand $$$$$ behind it , the old don't.
KevinFeb 4, 2012 18:16:34 PM
I was one of the hundred lay off, I been there almost a year, I was one off the lead. I come to work every days ,I work my heart and soul off . But at the end they favor the people that don't do anything but kiss there behind.
Hai dongJan 31, 2012 14:16:54 PM
Before this program, I was a bit skeptical about the contract work/retooling claim but when I heard that Aerotek had a cubicle onsite, it made sense. I do wonder how typical it is for a company like Flextronics to sub out operations to a company like Amonix. Incorporating semiconductors (made elsewhere) into large assemblies near the local markets makes sense so hopefully in several months the plant will be back to full staffing.
aunty palinJan 30, 2012 17:57:31 PM
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